Wedding Gift

This wood engraved piece was a wedding gift for my cousin. The imagery inspired by the meanings of the surnames, Hines, deer keeper, and Lovell, wolf cub.


Portland Mercury Cover

Big thanks to The Portland Mercury and AD Kathleen Marie for putting my horse on the cover.

The original print is called ‘Bust A Move’.


Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.58.19 PM.png

Cthulhu Risograph

I had the chance to see some beautiful risograph prints at the Gallery Nucleus in Portland and wanted to try designing one of my own. Risograph prints can be an alternative to screen printing although the color and sizing options are more limited. But the results can yield more charm and surprises than other print methods. 


Below is the image as originally designed in Photoshop. 

11"x17" Digital

11"x17" Digital

And this is the result of the risograph print on off-white paper with red ink at 100% opacity. The speckled, distressed areas give it a hand-made look.

11"x17" Risograph Print

11"x17" Risograph Print